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Hot Water Heat Pumps Ltd.

Hot Water Heat Pumps are experts in delivering effective and cost-efficient water heating  and cooling systems and solutions. From residential pool and spa heating solutions to large scale commercial and industrial projects, we have the knowledge, experience, and skills to  deliver you the best outcomes for your project with a minimum of disruption. 

In over 35 years of operation, Hot Water Heat Pumps have developed a reputation for  excellence in both commercial and residential water heating heat pump solutions. Our  commitment to service and our belief that our customers should have access to the very  best water heating technology at highly competitive prices has driven our growth since the  beginning. Today, Hot Water Heat Pumps operates a nationwide network of Dealers,  offering a broad range of water heating equipment and services that spans residential  and commercial water heaters, underfloor heating systems and industrial water heating and  chilling solutions. 

We understand that every project is different and we’re here to help you get the best result  from your water heating project. Our Team of water heating specialist will work with you to carefully understand your requirements and advise on the best water heating products and solutions for you. Our business processes are flexible and transparent and we cater for a wide range of project sizes and budgets, including large commercial projects where detailed  consultation and planning are key.


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Hot Water Heat Pumps Ltd

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