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AMS Australia

AMS Australia

AMS Australia is committed to revolutionising security hardware for the 21st century. Our mission is to design and engineer state-of-the-art solutions that guarantee unparalleled safety and peace of mind. Specialising in lock monitoring hardware and high-security door solutions, we offer a unique range of products with an international reputation for innovation and excellence.


With a focus on delivering cutting-edge solutions, AMS Australia has earned the trust of both domestic and international clients. Many of our products are (SCEC) endorsed by the Australian Government for high-security applications and are listed in the prestigious SEEPL catalogue. This recognition speaks to the reliability and effectiveness of our offerings in mitigating the risk of unauthorised access.

PSDS 2578

At AMS Australia, we also pride ourselves on our ability to cater to diverse needs. Our specialised service enables us to custom engineer products for unique applications, providing tailored solutions where standard offerings fall short. Whether it's a high-security door solution or covert lock hardware monitoring, we have the expertise and capability to meet even the most complex security requirements.

AMS62 10 MKII Extrusion2 DLBP insitu wide

DLLH 33 Insitu2 DLLH46T INSITU tall

Key to our success is our unwavering support for Australian manufacturing. As an Australian-owned and operated company, we are committed to fostering local talent and industry. By prioritising domestic manufacturing, we not only uphold the highest standards of quality but also contribute to the growth and sustainability of our nation's economy.

DLLH54T insitu

MSB62 333 insitu 4site cleaner MSB62 100 insitu extrusion23367

At AMS Australia, security isn't a one-size-fits-all solution – it's about tailored protection for every situation. With our innovative approach and commitment to excellence, we specialise in crafting custom security solutions that meet unique needs, providing peace of mind in any scenario.

MSB62 DP01 Insitu3

MSB6257 5004 insitu3

PSDS SUDS 01.430 insitu 2

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