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Calitec Heat Pump Hot Water Systems

Calitec Heat Pump Hot Water Systems

NZ product launch at BuildNZ 2024: Calitec Mono Block System R290. Energy efficient heat pump hot water system, made for New Zealand family homes. Future proof and environmentally friendly. Visit our stand to find out now!

Heat pump hot water: Heat pump technology for your domestic hot water. Reduce your household energy bills and choose the smarter energy efficient Calitec Heat Pump Hot Water system.

Hot water heating accounts for around 30% of the average household energy bill. Choosing the right system for your needs can make a real difference, especially to your monthly expenses.

Whether you are replacing an existing water heating system, building a new home or just researching your options, we are happy to help. A Calitec hot water heat pump system could be the perfect solution.

What makes Calitec unique?

  • Saving up to 70% of your water heating costs
  • Reliable in all weather and all seasons
  • Flexible systems, easy to install in new and existing homes
  • Robust stainless steel cylinder design with 20-year warranty
  • Wet back/solar coil options available
  • New Zealand heat pump technology specialists
  • Eco friendly, sustainable hot water systems

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Product launch at BuildNZ 2024: Calitec Mono Block System R290.
Designed in New Zealand for family homes, the Calitec Mono Block boasts high heating capacity and quicker recovery times. Made with the best available parts and materials to withstand the harsh NZ environment, this future-proof system utilizes R290 refrigerant and is PV solar smart inverter ready. Plus, it's capable of heating two separate cylinders!

How does it work? Water is heated inside the Mono Block and circulated to your hot water cylinder, any time of the day, under all weather conditions. The higher output temperature of the R290 refrigerant ensures fast heating, solely with efficient heat pump power, even in lower ambient temperatures.

Calitec Hot Water Cylinders:
The Mono block can be paired with the stainless steel Calitec hot water cylinder, designed for optimal usage, or connected to another heat pump ready hot water cylinder (TBC by plumber).

Our hot water cylinders of 250 litres or 300 litres have a coil built-in coil as standard, which can be used for wet back installation or as the heating coil if you ever upgrade to a central heating system. Calitec cylinders can be located either inside or outside.

Calitec Peace of Mind Warranty:
Backed by a 5-year warranty on the Mono Block and a 20-year warranty on Calitec hot water cylinders, you can have confidence in the reliability and longevity of your water heating system. In case of any issues, which your installer can’t fix, we provide a replacement unit and facilitate the return process.

Other products: Calitec - Refrigerant Cycle System
Our Calitec Heat Pump Hot Water Refrigerant Cycle Split System has been on the NZ market quite some years now and could be the perfect solution because of its flexibility and robust stainless steel design.

Find out more at our stand.

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