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Panasonic New Zealand Ltd

Panasonic New Zealand Ltd

Panasonic New Zealand is part of Panasonic Corporation, known as the Matsushita Group until October 2008. Matsushita first entered the New Zealand market in 1962, supplying refrigerator parts to Fisher & Paykel. In 1971, a sales agreement between Matsushita and Fisher & Paykel saw the introduction of National and Panasonic electronic products to the New Zealand market, with all products rebranded Panasonic in 1987. Today, Panasonic New Zealand has 115 employees across Christchurch, Wellington and its headquarters in Auckland, and continues to be part of the fabric of New Zealand.

Panasonic is introducing 3 new Products into the New Zealand Market this year widening the portfolio of heating and cooling options.

Energy Recovery Ventilation, Air to Water and Hot Water Heat pumps.

Panasonic ERV is a cutting-edge ventilation system designed to remove stale air from homes while simultaneously recovering the energy within it. This energy is then transferred to fresh, filtered incoming air, ensuring a continuous supply of clean, tempered air throughout the living space. This process not only enhances indoor air quality but also contributes to a healthier, drier, and more comfortable home environment.

Key Features and Benefits:

The heart of the Panasonic ERV system lies in its ability to recover energy from outgoing stale air. By capturing and transferring this energy to incoming fresh air, the system helps to minimise energy wastage while maintaining optimal indoor comfort levels. This energy-efficient operation is beneficial for both homeowners and the environment, reducing utility costs and carbon footprint.

With Panasonic ERV, indoor air quality is significantly enhanced. The system effectively removes pollutants, allergens, and moisture from the air, creating a healthier living environment for occupants. By continuously exchanging stale air with fresh, filtered air, it helps mitigate the build-up of indoor contaminants, reducing the risk of respiratory issues and other health concerns.

Panasonic ERV is designed for seamless integration with existing ducted air conditioning systems. Whether incorporated alongside Panasonic’s range of air conditioning units or installed as a standalone system, it complements the overall HVAC setup, providing balanced ventilation and temperature control throughout the home.

Whether you are building a new home or retrofitting, Panasonic Aquarea has a solution for your project. Choose between the J Series 7kW and 9kW models for a compact solution, or the T-CAP 12kW and 16kW models for extreme conditions for a compact solution, or the T-CAP models for extreme and demanding conditions.

The Panasonic J series is extremely flexible. Select from a range of capacities from 7 or 9kW to T-CAP 12 or 16kW, , all with the ability to reach a water temperature of 65°C. Whether it is a new build or retrofitting, the Aquarea range has a solution to suit your project. COST SAVING SOLUTION Based on Air to Water heat pump technology, Aquarea is highly efficient and environmentally friendly. It captures heat energy from the ambient air and transfers it to heat the water needed to warm your home, for domestic hot water and even to cool your home. This way, up to 80% of the heat energy required is taken from the ambient air ‑ even in extremely low temperatures.

The Aquarea Heat Pump is able to precisely control the temperature thanks to reliable Panasonic Inverter Compressors. Even in extreme weather conditions (-20°C), Aquarea warms your home effectively and efficiently. Aquarea can also cool your home in summer and bring hot water all year round, offering different modes to give the ultimate comfort.

SPACE-SAVING SOLUTION Panasonic Aquarea Monobloc is the ideal space saving solution for any home as the unit does not require a separate hydrokit inside. Additionally, thanks to the unit’s all-in-one design, all refrigerant is sealed in the outdoor unit, leaving only water pipes needed inside the property.

CO2 - Hot Water Heat Pump
Panasonic Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps are the leading brand in Japan and are manufactured to ensure years of reliable comfort. Panasonic have sold over 2 million units in Japan since entering the Heat Pump Market over 20 years ago. You can rely on quality products, designed with experience built up over 20 years KEY FEATURES Refrigerant - R744 (CO2) with GWP of 1 COP of 6.09* Hot water delivery temp of 63°C Operating range of -10 to 43°C Noise Level - 37dB Controller – 6 Operational Modes allow you to take control over your energy costs and consumption. One-Shot Boost – For worry free hot water *COP based on at 32.5°C ambient / 21.0°C cold water inlet

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