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Transform the water in your home with a Puretec FilterWall. Prioritise the health of your family with a range of whole house and undersink filtration. With more than 30 years in the water filtration industry, Puretec remains a family-owned, family-run company with an unrivalled reputation for quality, innovation and reliability.


FilterWall F Series:
Improve the water quality in your home with the FilterWall F Series, a comprehensive 3-stage filtration system that effectively integrates chlorine and sediment filtration alongside ScaleGuard technology to prevent scale formation within your home. Experience a significant reduction of up to 98% in chlorine levels, guaranteeing exceptional water taste from every faucet throughout your entire household.

Benefit from healthier skin and hair thanks to reduced chlorine, while also reducing sediment and chemicals for a greener garden and extended durability of your home appliances.Puretec FilterWall F 1280x720px


FilterWall IMF2:
The FilterWall FILTERWALL-IMF2-SW provides you with an industry-leading filtration system without impacting the clean lines of your home. The FILTERWALL provides whole house water filtration, reducing sediment and chlorine from the water before it enters your home.

The primary distinction of FILTERWALL-IMF2-SW from other Filterwall Series lies in the inclusion of a 50mm frame within the unit.

Puretec FilterWall IMF2 1280x720px


Hybrid G13:
This system reduces sediment, chemicals including chlorine, bad taste, odour and is highly effective in eliminating bacteria and parasites in your water.

Suited to medium to large applications, these systems are designed for both mains and rainwater supply. This unit features a weather protection cover that is suitable for outdoor installation and an anti-tamper & childproof lockable lid. It incorporates an additional filtration stage for extra contaminant removal and capacity.

Puretec Hybrid G13 1280x720px


HybridPlus Series:
The Puretec HybridPlus is an all-in-one filtration system including pump, 3 stage filtration and finishing with UV sterilisation. This sleek, practical and high-quality system ensures you have pressurised safe and delicious rainwater.

The patented HybridPlus system is designed to sit neatly against a wall, fence or tank or can be freestanding. It features a lockable cabinet with gull-wing style access doors for ease of access for maintenance and also incorporates adjustable feet to ensure a neat and tidy finished installation

Puretec HybridPlus 1280x720px


DF Series:
The DF Series systems use state-of-the-art on-demand water chilling technology, ensuring superior capacity and efficient energy usage .Importantly, the system incorporates the market-leading Ultra Z Filtration Technology. Ultra Z Filtration Technology filters out chlorine, taste & odour, sediment, chemicals, bacteria and cysts down to 0.1 of a micron

Puretec DF35 1280x720px

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