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Watersmart is at the forefront of water conservation and resilience innovation. We are the only whole-system water experts in New Zealand. Our expertise includes stormwater management, flood control, water recycling, rainwater harvesting, water treatment and water management systems. For maximum benefit, we develop complete systems that harvest, reuse, recycle, and manage water.


At Watersmart, we understand that water is not just a resource, it’s a taonga, and we’re committed to safeguarding it for generations to come. We’re here to help you find smarter solutions to today’s challenges, and to prepare for tomorrow’s. Our end-to-end offering covers every aspect of water system management. From design, to supply, installation to maintenance, we are the end-to-end water revolution! 

Tap into our deep knowledge, exceptional service and relentless innovation.
Together, we can make water smarter.

Hydraloop® contributes to future-proofing the building, contributes to its sustainability certification, and contributes to the United Nations Global Goals. Hydraloop® increases the value of any building and lowers the running expenses for water and energy.

H300 Laundry Stone

3x Cascade H300 Laundry Dew

Aquacomb® on-site detention tank (OSD tank) is an established fully modular system, which can be used for both water reuse and detention. The series of interconnected pods can be stored in the slab, deck, lawn, patio and/or driveway.

Lawn Aquacomb Tank Render Deck Aquacomb Tank Render5446

Nerita Pods Aerial Mesh Laid 6 Nerita Concrete Pour 2

 With FenceTank™, you can create an almost invisible, slimline water resue system that seamlessly blends into the perimeter of your development. It’s perfect for sites that have limited space.

WS Eave Tank Cover off

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