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asBuilt Immersion Lab

asBuilt Immersion Lab

Immerse yourself in a digital world in the asBuilt Immersion Lab. 

asBuilt’s Immersion Lab is a portable seven metre diameter, 360° circular studio theatre. It is the only one of it’s kind in New Zealand.

Immersion Lab projects a digital environment into the physical world to showcase assets virtually; allowing unique immersive group and stakeholder experiences.

A picture speaks 1000 words. Technical complexity is best conveyed via 3D imagery and graphics.

This is certainly the case when that imagery moves around you, with full surround-sound at three metres high. The viewer is immersed into the moving image itself and every sense in their body tells them they are ‘in’ that space. This is a great environment for stakeholder engagement, training and storytelling.

asBuilt’s Immersion Lab ensures clients and stakeholders do not need an architect’s imagination to understand flat drawings in three dimensions.

They can fly through their assets virtually.

With a range of immersion and visual media available to us, Immersion Lab helps our clients explore their digital assets in the most digestible, engaging ways. Content including bespoke Power BI dashboards, point cloud scans, BIM models and crisp 360° video can be brought to life in incredibly engaging ways, in an environment that supports group discussion and workshopping.


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