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Seminar Series

2024 Seminar Series

In 2024, we’re committed to continuing showcasing innovation for build, construction, and design industries and we’re excited to announce the first three panels for this year’s seminar series! Look forward to thought-provoking sessions led by experts from various sectors within the industry. All sessions will be released later in May. 

Day 1 Schedule | 25th June 2024

BuildNZ Speakers 1Up 2
2:15pm - 2:45pm

Mandating the approval of overseas building products and systems

The Government is committed to improving competition for building product supply to make sure Kiwis can leverage the global building product market to use the products they want and pay a fair price for them. Suzannah will provide an update on the options the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment is exploring to remove barriers and allow building products that have been certified to overseas standards or approved by equivalent overseas jurisdictions to be used here in New Zealand.

Day 2 Schedule | 26th June 2024

BuildNZ Speakers 2 up 1
11:30am - 12:15pm

Security and Facilities Management – “Best of Friends or Siloed Competitors”

John Braithwaite from Prisma Facilities Management and Chris Proctor from Beca Applied Technologies will deliver a fascinating insight into the relationship between the FM and security functions – “Best of Friends or Siloed Competitors”. Within the corporate environment, FM and security are surprisingly seen as either best of friends or completely separate disciplines, competing for scarce resources. This polarisation can arise because of existing organisational structures, cherished beliefs, dominant personalities and a range of other factors. As with many things in life, the truth probably sits somewhere in the middle and, whilst FM and security are clearly distinct disciplines, they work better together.

BuildNZ Speakers 1Up 3
12:15pm - 1:00pm

Building Intelligence: Leveraging data to cut cost and carbon out of buildings

Join Brandon Van Blerk, CEO of Tether, for a compelling exploration into the transformative power of data in building management. This presentation will illuminate the critical role of data analytics and generative AI in achieving operational efficiency and sustainability goals within the construction and facilities management sectors. Brandon will showcase how these technologies enable the mastery of complex datasets, driving cost reductions, energy savings, and minimized carbon footprints.

BuildNZ Speakers 1Up 4
1:00pm - 1:45pm

Risk Management – Basic compliance or a tool for opportunity?

Health, safety and risk continues to dominate mainstream media, with some commentators still arguing that New Zealand is failing to move the dial on workplace deaths, injury and long term health issues. Risk management and risk assessments are still viewed by many as a burdensome compliance requirement – or even a ‘tick and flick’ exercise to meet some corporate standards.

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