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Make Safety Great Again

Make Safety Great Again

Brent Sutton - Workplace Health and Safety Risk Management Specialist.

Member New Zealand Institute of Safety Management / Member Risk Management New Zealand / Registered Financial Advisor FSP 221745 

Make Safety Great Again

The traditional approach to health and safety may bring down the unacceptable figures of fatalities we’ve got in New Zealand, but it won’t fix the problem.

We need to confront the issue to do something different. Talking more about safety won't achieve that outcome. If talking about it was going to work, it would have worked by now. In this session, Brent Sutton will take the participants on a learning journey to understand how people are seen as the solution, how to engage people and leverage their skills, so that worker participation becomes a new way of running an organisation, where everybody benefits without replacing your existing health and safety system.


Speaker Bio

Brent works in partnership with clients in the commercial, government and education sector providing practical advice to address health and safety risks and develop strategies to drive improvements in safety culture. Brent is well regarded as a safety coach and for assisting organisations to understand the importance of safety governance, setting clear and understandable safety objectives and providing safety leadership.

Brent is the project architect for New Zealand's most significant project order granted under the Health and Safety At Work Act, which is to develop, train and implement a Learning Teams framework for the maritime industry.

Brent is also one of the authors of the new book "The Practice of Learning Teams", with foreword by Dr Todd Conklin, being released in August 2020 (ISBN: 9798665374321, Sutton, McCarthy and Robinson: Pre-Accident Investigation Media).

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